Because when we fly our wings are our lungs and every breath takes us higher. We dream of this when we wake in the morning and work at it during the day. Every thought becomes translucent as it is washed in the heart of our desire and desire fills our heart.

It is unimaginable to even think of another reality beyond that which our imagination can grasp. We are one body filled with light, shining on the mountains of adversity. We are and no-one can rob us of the purposeful destiny that we linger on and cultivate unto eternity.

This is a fleeting moment where truth is a fragrance that fills my nostrils and to which I return when I close my eyes. A mystery I weave with words; a delight in the nothingness of me. Again and again I ask where does the light come from? Where does the torment and frustration find its root and how does this enable the light to shine. In the depths of darkness there is an elusive light that leads my footsteps into the heart of darkness where who I was is unmasked and the lungs inside me find there wings.