Busy vs. Effective

As most of you probably know I have been fortunate to live on different continents amongst different cultures.

It was not always that easy uprooting every few years but that little bit of discomfort growing up has indeed shaped my character into what it is today.

That little bit of suffering is indeed a privilege because it has shaped my world view in a significant way.

My exposure to different cultures and environments always leads me to reflect upon our current situation and never simply take things for granted. We currently reside in Johannesburg and this is the place where we have experienced the fastest pace of life so far. Part of it is good because there is a lot of energy here which motivates us to look for opportunities. The drawback is off course that at this break neck speed there is a danger of becoming busy at the expense of effectiveness.

One of the definitions of effective is producing a deep or vivid impression. Wow! Now there is a different standard to judge my work by. Do I produce a deep or vivid impression when I interact, communicate and produce or is everything I do a blur?

I strongly desire to produce a deep and vivid impression. I do not simply want to run around an do things. I rather want to be such a person that I leave a striking impression with whom ever I come into contact with. I believe this takes great discipline because I need to know when to say yes and when to say know. In my opinion this goes hand in hand with my purpose. Be true to your purpose! Be effective!

In my next post I will focus more on purpose and break it down as a construct (an image, idea, or theory, esp. a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements).