From Survive to Alive!

So here is what the last three years of blogging have been about – going from just surviving to truly being alive.  This is The Konstrukt!
This is what I will be breaking down in the future.  Believe it or not but after many years of dreaming I am now living my dream and everyday is just getting better and better.
In 2005 I made a choice not to simply let circumstances take me.  I knew I had a voice inside me that had to get out.  It took about 5 years to finally get to a place of meaning and I felt like giving up many times on the journey.
So I ask:  Are you really living up to the potential inside you?  Are you truly alive or are you just surviving?  Get real with yourself and answer honestly.  If you are truly digging in and giving to this world from the gold inside you – great!  Tell me about it because I would like to know what your journey is like.
If you are not truly releasing the greatness inside you I want to dare you to do better.  I dare you to do your best!

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Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads. Erica Jong