Project Freedom

Thus far I have shared journeys with you in a retrospective fashion with perhaps a few glimpses into the present and future.
I want to mix things up a bit and also raise the bar.  I continuously speak of the journey from survive to alive and currently I am engaging on Project Freedom.  No, I am not participating on the next NASA programme but by identifying clear values (check my previous post) I now have to align goals and actions.  I will therefore give you a front row seat and a challenge.
As I progress on my journey I hope it will be entertaining, meaningful and inspiring and that it will challenge you to take action and overcome inhibition, fear, and obstacles.

So what exactly am I referring to?  Well, if you missed out on my previous posts (the mini-series about 5 Things to Think About) then I will quickly summarise:  Recently I have identified some clear values that I have always believed in but through some pretty tough times have been revealed as highly important.  These values are freedom, simplicity and creativity.

For many years I have been writing this blog without really pushing it that hard.  I believe that I have some skill to write but more importantly that I have a talent for challenging things.  This is because my biggest talent most probably is connectedness – the constant awareness that we are part of something bigger and that by creating connections between one another (i.e. relationships) we have the opportunity to serve this ultimate Greatness (capitalised because of my believe in It being beyond the visible and much greater than us).

I do however now realise that I need to take the next step or steps.  The first is regular blog postings and I think about once a week sounds pretty good (I am going to try Thursdays and see how it goes…).  I also need to add more value.  That is why I am going to be compiling short writings that I will sell at a reasonable price.  I will also be looking into subscription services.  I have been working on my eBook for a while now and I am aware that I need to focus on it more diligently.  I am also considering using my blog as an advertising space although I am not very fond of the idea.  I will perhaps try it out to see how it goes but will be discretionary about what gets advertised – if it could add value to the people reading my blog I will allow it.
Bottom line:  Survive to Alive needs to be one of the avenues that I use to make sure that I am fully alive.  Through the posts, books, and other value adding products and services I want to create freedom for myself and my family.  This will also require me to be creative and as far as I am concerned it is simple (…like I said, as far as I am concerned).

So I will be sharing my progress as I go along.  I will continue to blog about going from survive to alive and this time around I am illustrating it with my own journey.

P.s. You might have noticed that I have started using my own photos in my posts.  I will continue doing so as part of a more creative effort.