Trust and Action

Last week’s post was all about looking for the loopholes in our unwritten social contracts.  This week I would like to follow-up with a post looking at how much you trust and how much action you take?

I look at many people in my environment and see over-hasty and busy people.  I also see a lot of people that simply trust that things will work out without taking the appropriate actions.  In the last year I have gotten some good lessons on trust and I am still learning.  I know it is something of vital importance.  I can see that there are many times that I am confronted with fear being a failure and then react by trying extra hard or being extra busy – I over-compensate.  I lose sight of my purpose, become impatient and then let fear govern my action.  Like I mentioned above, I am learning to recognise the signs sooner, be calm and trust that the path I am on is the one that I need to be on.

From this awareness I concentrate on the few things that are really important.  I use journaling to bring my thoughts into the light and also look back at previous journal entries to remind me of why I am here.  The idea is to reduce things to the required minimum in order to release the beauty of life.  This is where the action is rooted and also combined with patience and trust – not so easy…

Think about which actions combined with trust (peace and contentment) will give the desired result.
Aha!  Now things are getting interesting – results, oh yeah!  Is that the focus?  Or should you be doing things for intrinsic reasons according to the principle of ensue?  I guess it is a bit of a paradox where you get the results by not focusing on it (no I am not on some experimental drug).

The point is not getting bogged down into distracting activities but to make sure that you are busy with the right stuff. It is a unrelenting focus on the non-negotiable basics of your life.  Never back down and always look for the loopholes in order to stay true to your path.  I don’t want to sit back and wait for a super event that will change my life but I also do not want to run around trying to control everything due to fear that I will not make it.  My actions must flow from a place of trust and patience rooted in purpose and meaning.

P.s. I took the picture a few years back and I think it speaks to the approach of taking action from a place of trust and patience – easy and sure on the beach…