This is some writing on stuff. It may make sense on certain levels or plains depending on your paradigmatic orientation towards a multiverse reality. On the other hand it could be complete nonsense. The fact of the matter however is that in the broader spectrum of things nothing really matters. Although things have known to matter dearly to those who care about things that matter.

I justly therefore ask what is the matter. Where is the beauty? Where is the monkey that whistles a Monet as beautifully as I dance the freed cave captive. Don’t worry this is not suppose to make sense except for the meditative purpose of questioning stuff.
What stuff? Well your stuff off-course. Ultimately we only have our own stuff… don’t you? I therefore propose that we reflect on what it is that we really need. What stuff is necessary?

I respectfully and specifically challenge those who are in the busyness of business – those who are driving the engines of industry.  Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and leaders.  You who helped entangle all of us in the relentless speed of nothingness.  The pervasive beauty of creativity is the all-encompassing delight of those who persevere unto the transcendental reality (which doesn’t really exist for those caught in complexity).
I’m sorry, I mean how do you pull on the strings of infinity and eternity to make the fleeting moment permanent?  Yes, in business!  Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about.

We look for it everyday and hunger for it more and more.  We know it is there but we spend so much time on the stuff that is served up that the real food is overlooked.  If you don’t understand this then you haven’t begun to ask: your self?  Go ahead ask: my self?  Who is this really?  Who am I being?  Am I real?  I therefore submit to you that the business person has no right to do business until he/she has found someone to do business for!

Business is the reality of our society, our faults, our beauty and delight.  Don’t switch off the lights.  Get a message and get out there.  Do something that will make people talk, smile and look for the good in others.  Come with me and look at the beautiful connections between everything.  Be part of the connections, find your place, your voice and go from survive to alive!