Please! Less Rules but More Purpose

Every day I go into the world of work I hope that I will find that elusive something that I am looking for. That something special, intriguing beautiful and liberating. What I however find, all too frequently, is something that is life-sapping and disappointing.
I find a labyrinth of rules, procedure, politics and drama. We are caught in this fantastical illusion of freedom and security whilst we are unknowingly being lulled into a paradigm where we willingly follow rules at the expense of our greatest human expression of creativity and love.
Those who make the rules normally have no incentive to change their ways because they are in control. It will most likely take another generation to see a transformed business horison that catalyses the human spirit to reach heights and depths never seen before. Inside we yearn for this new world that we do not even understand yet. We just know that what we are experiencing now is just not enough.

Especially the newer generation simply do not accept things for what they are. I sometimes feel like I am quite alone in the way that I see the world. I am told fairly frequently that I need to accept the way things are and be more patient. I agree that change will take time but I do not believe that I need to be patient in expressing, motivating, raising awareness and inspiring a world that has much more purpose centered on transcendental truths so that we can reach beyond ourselves to a world that is filled with peaceful purpose. A world that turns us away from our own internal ego-driven obsession and towards a community centered self-actualisation reality.

Yes, I am unrealistic and I live for what is to come. I hope more people will start to open their eyes to a world where we use authority, control and power for their appropriate purposes detached from fear. I work towards a world that inspires trust, openness, learning, growth and beauty. I believe in businesses that not only have a purpose to help transform our society by putting the society before profits but I also believe in a business that puts their own people before profit.

So I ask all of us why are we doing whatever we are doing today?! We need more leaders at all levels to be asking this question and if the answer is not a clear indication that the organisation has the greater good at heart I respectfully request that you reconsider.

Stop giving people rules in order to follow your egotistical vision and rather empower, devolve, decentralise and inspire. Your future and the future of our children depend on the way we organise and lead because business is one of the greatest drivers of change in society.  Please!  Less rules and more purpose.