Desire for Certainty

On a 1+1=2daily basis I interact with students on a journey of discovery.   I look into faces filled with fear, expectation, angst and  desire for certainty.  They are constantly inquiring how to do an assignment, project, research, test, etc.

Our schooling system and society has failed them miserably.  The only answer I try and give them is to go and try.  The other response that is applicable is to ask what do they think – how should it be done?  What have you done?  Show me.  In other words, go try something and fail!

Yes, I want you to fail.  Go discover something amazing about this world that we live in.  Once you have done that come back and make suggestions as to how things can improve.  Yes, you are an interesting, smart, creative individual that can make a difference.  Don’t let the commercials tell you that you suck and the only way that you will matter is if you go and buy the fragrance, shoes, shirt, car, house, husband, kids and 1.5 dogs.

This is why I am interested in working with emerging leaders – the current leaders are normally caught in their own web of meaning that requires a big ego and small empathy in order to succeed according to their rules.  But in every system the status-quo has a limited shelf life and the current leadership paradigm is coming to an end – that is a certainty!  My job is to help those who are in positions of leadership to transform and to help the new generation of leaders understand the future challenge.

My job is to help business and society go from survive to alive!