Regaining Wisdom

wisdomDon’t just sit there and do nothing!  The words ring loudly in our ears.  The world says we need to take action, do, do, do!  Things won’t happen by themselves.  In the office you must step up, take action and impress people.  Hey you the entrepreneur a minute spent in thought and reflection is a client lost!

And so the fear and anxiety creeps in on the back of shallow insights that destroys the depth of who we are.  Look around you – is the current condition of the world brought about by too much reflection and wise action or by meaningless, overhasty drive and ambition?

Who are you?  Perhaps today is the day to just do nothing and sit there.  Yes, as crazy as that might seem, we do enough and there is no shortage of doers in the world.  You can just look at what we have done over the last two millennia.   But who have we become?!

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