The First Step to Fulfilling Your Calling

The first step to fulfill your call is to recognise that there is no call without the One who calls.  His process has remained the same throughout the ages.  Our western world would have us use all our willpower and discipline and simply push hard to make our call happen.  Be bold!  God can steer a moving ship.  Indeed!

Our call on our lives is a process that belongs primarily to our Father.  It is simply our responsibility and free choice to respond to the process.
His process is one that takes time because this is not about your skill, gifts, talents or abilities.  This is about your character.  I have pushed hard when I was younger and this resulted in a long wilderness period where God was merciful enough to let me try again and again.  It was like trying to complete a level in a game where you start over at the beginning every time you fail.  Endless credits though.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be stuck on the same level however.  This is where a good calling coach comes in.  It is someone that have experienced the process and felt the pain of failure, mercy and grace and can help you spot it in your own life.

So, let’s talk if you are in need of a calling coach.