Here is the Shortcut to Get More Energy

Hey there, how are you doing?  How is your energy level?  Could you do with a bit more energy?  Are you missing that sense of powerful readiness – like you can take on anything?

I pose a very simple, but perhaps difficult, solution: what you focus your attention on gives you energy.  Think about it, when you focus your mind on the challenges and use your imagination negatively you start to loose energy.  If you do the opposite and look at the situation as an opportunity to learn or a stepping stone to where you actually want to go you are using your imagination positively and you create energy.

Pain and pleasure only exist in your mind.  Yes, physical pain is a result of injury or illness, but I am referring to the  kind of pain that we attach to situations.  The pain is a result of the meaning we attach to the circumstances.  In this  instance we relinquish our personal power.  It is the power of choice.

You have to get real!  You craft meaning.  Yes there might be deeper emotional memories or beliefs that need a bit of realignment, but it might be easier to change it than you think.

You need to go from surviving to living.