Motivation for the Extroverts! …What About the Introverts?

Motivation is for Every Day

I spend quite a lot of money and time on motivational books, articles, podcasts and videos.  I feel very good after I read it which results in energy and motivation.  Motivational material is very important.  Many people say that it is useless because it doesn’t last very long.  Motivation, however, is like brushing your teeth, you have to do it every day.

I notice that motivational material is however mostly written by, and for, extroverts.  This is not critique.  This is simply a statement of fact.  Go and have a look around at the content available.  I will refrain from names here as I do not intend to create a negative impression of the motivational industry.  Far from it!

You Need the Right Motivation

It doesn’t matter who you are, you need motivation from time to time.  The challenge is getting the right kind of motivation.  If you are an introvert my guess is that you will not be satisfied on a diet of extrovert motivation.  Things like “you are awesome, now go do this and keep on doing” does not awaken your heart or feed your soul.  In fact, the introvert brain works different to an extrovert’s brain.

An extroverts brain needs way more dopamine to feel good while the introverts brain is more dependent on acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good when you turn inwards.  Therefore, if you are an introvert, you will feel better about yourself when you spend time alone, turning inwards and reflecting.  The extrovert need more external activity – people and things – to activate the dopamine reward system in their brain.

Motivating for Wisdom

We learn from one another.  Introverts learn how to put themselves out there in the world and extroverts learn how to  become quiet and reflect.  Or do they?  Our history reflects the extrovert’s drive and therefore reflects speed with a rare moment of thoughtful reflection.

I call on the introverts not to shy away from your sensitivity!  I call on the introverts to embrace your emotions and creativity.  I call on the introverts to help the extroverts reflect a bit more.  Introverts, you are the silent force that knows you have to think before you do, otherwise we will perpetuate the mistakes of the past.

Introverts!  Help us take wise action!  Help us go from survive to alive.