Wanna Make a Difference? Instant Coffee Doesn’t Compare with the Real Thing

Instant Everything

Okay, before you decide that you have read this post before, give me a chance.  Yes, I want to go on a rant about how fast things have become and that all we want is instant everything.  Instant messaging, overnight delivery, video on demand…  The list goes on.  I don’t think that I have to sketch the picture, you get it.

In my previous insight, if you can recall, I talk about how the world is focusing on delivering motivation by, and for, extroverts.  I would venture that there is some sort of link between the speed of things and that the world is run by extroverts.  Conspiracy any one?  We have been on this unquestioned trajectory for a long time I would therefore like to pause for a moment over a cup of coffee…

Much to Say About Coffee

Do you drink instant coffee?  How does it compare to the real thing?  You can’t compare the two.  The first is something you scoop out of the jar into your mug, and voila, you have something that resembles a hot, coffee flavoured beverage.  It’s not real coffee.  The latter is something that takes care and time to really deliver well.  You need the right bean, that has preferably been roasted recently.  You need the right temperature.  You need the right tools.  I prefer a french press and a cup and saucer because a bit of ceremony goes a long way.

The point is that to get a result that makes a difference you have to take your time and pay attention to the detail.

Buckle Up for the Long Run

So, if instant coffee has diluted the experience of the real thing how has our speed diluted our intentional long term view? Yes, I am asking you to swim upstream.  I would however only ask this because you are someone of value and worth.  You would not have opened this article if you weren’t at least interested in drinking good coffee.
I once again call on the introverts to boldly raise their voices, even if it is uncomfortable.  A bit of ceremonious pause in order to reflect upon our actions and regain a long-term perspective is vital for our future.

Focusing on the long-run results in greater impact.  Partnering with God for the long-run brings greater impact because we can let go of the results and focus on the process.   Like making good coffee.  When you take your time to select the best bean, best tools and best method the result is inevitable.  If, however you chase the result, it will consequently always be out of reach.

Finally, to truly make a difference you have to enjoy the process and let the result follow.
And that is just one way of going from surviving to truly living.