Connection with the Divine

In my previous insight I started the discussion around spiritual intelligence.  Let’s pick things up where we left of and continue with the journey into spiritual intelligence by focusing on connecting with the Divine…
Recently, I had a quick chat with someone over lunch time that indicated they were reading an interesting book about coaching.  His qualifying statement was that it was good because it was not spiritual. I didn’t investigate the statement any further, but have obviously not stopped thinking about it.

What is Spiritual?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way:  Spirituality is not religion.  Religion is usually strongly connected to a set of prescriptive rituals, practices and traditions that allows the practitioner to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.  …As long as the individual does not question or stray from the practices.

Spirituality on the other hand is a way of living that focuses on the existence of a human spirit as the seat of life in human beings.  We are spirit and everything is in enfolded in this essence.  Everything flows from it.  It is not attached to any specific religious practice or tradition, but is frequently understood within many religious traditions.  You can believe in spirit and not believe in any specific god.

It is possible therefore to be spiritual and not religious.  You can however also be religious and spiritual although I have found that this tension usually causes conflicts.

What I am saying is that we birthed from spirit – it is the essence of who we are.  Once we are spiritually inspired the result usually is a life that is lived from the highest conscience, values and principles.

My Interpretation

I believe that a triune God created this earth out of love.  He also sent his Son to show us the way of overcoming death (physically, emotionally and spiritually).  I also believe we have His spirit as helper and guide on a daily basis.  Ultimately I believe I can commune with this God in order to gain wisdom, be healed and grow into my destiny.

I rely on Godly wisdom that guides my life.  This experience gets added to process (which can come before or after the experience) in order to grow in character.  From my observation and research I have also learnt that there are specific training periods/processes most leaders go through. This is because we are not a trajectory for fleeting success.  We are on an eternal journey of significance.

I don’t ‘go to church’ as much as you can go to life.  Church is a way of living and connecting with fellow ‘followers of the way’ as I like to call it.  I did the institutional church thing and found that unfortunately most people in the institutional church aren’t very spiritual.  They are actually fairly stunted in their spiritual and emotional growth.

Whatever Your Interpretation Is

Whether you do not split religion and spirituality or whether you do, you can still connect with the Divine.  From this connection flows life.  It is a life that I hunger after.  A life that is fulfillment of desire which becomes a tree of life.  It elevates our living to our highest values and empowers our voice.  As stated in the previous post, connecting with the Divine brings integrity.  Integrity, not in terms of doing the right thing, but rather reflecting your created purpose.  True to purpose and reflecting creation.


From this image it is clear that we echo the rest of the universe.  We are created with wholeness in mind.  Our integrity is demonstrating this wholeness in our conscience, values and convictions.  It is living with love, peace and joy under any circumstances.  How?  The only way that I have found is to accept love.

It is not an impersonal, cold love of the ‘universe’.  This is a warm all-encompassing love that displaces fear, uncertainty and rejection.  It is purposeful and clear.  My Father-experience and Father-image changed from a God that wants me to ‘do the right thing’ to a God that has my back no matter what!  It is evident that I am part of a beautiful and purposeful universe that our heavenly Father created for us to become whole and experience love.

I went from survive to alive!  I accept my purpose in everything that I am.  It is my voice.
More next time…