The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s

Perhaps you recently read my aphorism for CEO’s.  It is the first step in my process of serving leaders of small business and startups better.  The job of the CEO in today’s times is changing.  No longer is it command and control, but connect and collaborate.  The CEO needs to hold the space and facilitate the emergence of well-being for everyone involved in the business.  The most valuable skill any CEO can have today is informed by an understanding of the seen and unseen world and how they interact. Continue reading “The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s”

Contribute with Meaning

So, I hope you have enjoyed reading what spiritual intelligence is all about, connecting with the Divine and finding your voice.  Although I wrote about these very briefly, it takes time to develop and grow in these capabilities.  The third important element of spiritual intelligence is to contribute with meaning.  In my opinion your contribution flows from your connection with the Divine and finding your voice. Continue reading “Contribute with Meaning”

Find Your Voice

Yes, you have a unique voice!  It is your purpose or raison d’être (as the French say).  In my previous posts we looked at spiritual intelligence and our connection with the Divine.  Let’s talk more about finding your voice as the next part of your spiritual intelligence.  There is a lot of talk about purpose at the moment because we moved away from a monotheistic paradigm when science took over.  We generally threw out spirituality with religion.
But as I mentioned previously, religion and spirituality are not the same thing and our spirits yearn to stand for something and be of value. Continue reading “Find Your Voice”