This is Why Personal Transformation Doesn’t Happen

I recently read a very good book on leadership by Danah Zohar.  The Quantum Leader outlines the impact of quantum physics paradigm on contemporary leadership.  It is indeed a total paradigm shift.  Paradigm as first used by the American philosopher Thomas Kuhn is:

“The whole perceptual, conceptual, emotional, and spiritual framework embracing our most deeply held, unconscious assumptions and values. It is the things we take for granted about any situation in life. Like a pair of glasses we wear to focus our visual world, our paradigm focuses the whole of what we take to be reality. It determines our expectations, frames the questions that we will ask, and structures our approach to what we do. Paradigms are so deep that they even determine what we see.”

If we want to see more transformation among leaders we need to address the crisis of paradigm. Continue reading “This is Why Personal Transformation Doesn’t Happen”

Finding Motivation During Difficult Times

During this challenging time that we are going through as a global family, I see in myself and others a decreased level of motivation.  If you look up the original meaning it of the word it emphasizes movement; or ‘to move’.  I see in myself and others less movement. The word burnout is being used more frequently as well as resilience.  It would also seem like we have even higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. Continue reading “Finding Motivation During Difficult Times”

Journey of Desire

Coming from the charismatic Christian environment I was exposed to some amazing spiritual experiences and practices as far back as I can remember.  I have parents that have been followers of the Way my entire life.  They remain an amazing example and inspiration to me.  I believe I am building on what I have learnt from them as well as the amazing experiences from childhood and early adulthood.  It has become a journey of desire. Continue reading “Journey of Desire”

Wanna Make a Difference? Instant Coffee Doesn’t Compare with the Real Thing

Instant Everything

Okay, before you decide that you have read this post before, give me a chance.  Yes, I want to go on a rant about how fast things have become and that all we want is instant everything.  Instant messaging, overnight delivery, video on demand…  The list goes on.  I don’t think that I have to sketch the picture, you get it.

In my previous insight, if you can recall, I talk about how the world is focusing on delivering motivation by, and for, extroverts.  I would venture that there is some sort of link between Continue reading “Wanna Make a Difference? Instant Coffee Doesn’t Compare with the Real Thing”

Desiring Influence

Keep Exploring

I am learning a lot about myself at the moment.  I realise that I am not an INTJ personality type. I am an INFJ.  Yes, it is only one letter, but it makes a massive difference. As I shift I come to various insights. One of these insights is that I can now see how I naturally desire meaningful influence.

Ever since I was a boy I have been guided on this journey.  My parents were missionaries and teachers and everything they did they aligned to eternal purpose.  With hindsight I now connect how I have been trained to channel and release my natural desire for influence.  I want to make this world a better place. I help people connect with their Designer, and with themselves, in order to express their full potential.

Every person has a Continue reading “Desiring Influence”

How this Ancient System can Change Your Life!

What You Up To?

So, how you doin’? 2018 been good so far? I have been quite busy over the last month or so. What have you been up to? In the recent weeks I have been working with individuals a lot more. What does that mean? Well, I have a passion to see the potential of individuals realised even if they don’t directly run a business. Even is someone just wants to get better about their own life and move from stuckness to growth I help them break the shackles of their past and move towards their future while living in the present.

I am currently working with Continue reading “How this Ancient System can Change Your Life!”