Signs of the Times

It is 2020 and very exciting!  I am looking forward to using my abilities and gifting in a new way this year that will bless many.  May you find wonder and inspiration in every day to fully live out your purpose wherever you are.

With this new season I look around at what is happening spiritually and physically and connect the trends to find meaning. Continue reading “Signs of the Times”

The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s

Perhaps you recently read my aphorism for CEO’s.  It is the first step in my process of serving leaders of small business and startups better.  The job of the CEO in today’s times is changing.  No longer is it command and control, but connect and collaborate.  The CEO needs to hold the space and facilitate the emergence of well-being for everyone involved in the business.  The most valuable skill any CEO can have today is informed by an understanding of the seen and unseen world and how they interact. Continue reading “The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s”

Contribute with Meaning

So, I hope you have enjoyed reading what spiritual intelligence is all about, connecting with the Divine and finding your voice.  Although I wrote about these very briefly, it takes time to develop and grow in these capabilities.  The third important element of spiritual intelligence is to contribute with meaning.  In my opinion your contribution flows from your connection with the Divine and finding your voice. Continue reading “Contribute with Meaning”

Connection with the Divine

In my previous insight I started the discussion around spiritual intelligence.  Let’s pick things up where we left of and continue with the journey into spiritual intelligence by focusing on connecting with the Divine…
Recently, I had a quick chat with someone over lunch time that indicated they were reading an interesting book about coaching.  His qualifying statement was that it was good because it was not spiritual. Continue reading “Connection with the Divine”

Urgency Addiction

In my role as coach I tend to focus on reflection and insight.  I help individuals and leaders gain perspective in their life so that they can rejuvenate their focus and energy.  It is a shift away from urgency addiction. Renewed focus and energy ultimately leads to greater results.  It is not about creating more goals and targets, but taking a pause and Continue reading “Urgency Addiction”

CEO Strategic Foresight

There is a story that is your story.  It is the story of perseverance, dedication and excellence.  It is the story of suffering, pain and rejection.  It is the story of not being enough.  As you read this you are also writing the next chapter of your own story.  When you write your story, you are also writing the story of many others.  You are influential.  You are a leader.  You are a CEO.

Not Enough

Even though you have been at this for many years you are at a point where you need to transcend who you are so your business and organisation can transcend itself.  Deep inside you there is lingering power that can only be released with the help of your Creator.  You know this is true, but it seems like a mountain that is impossible to overcome. Continue reading “CEO Strategic Foresight”

Wanna Make a Difference? Instant Coffee Doesn’t Compare with the Real Thing

Instant Everything

Okay, before you decide that you have read this post before, give me a chance.  Yes, I want to go on a rant about how fast things have become and that all we want is instant everything.  Instant messaging, overnight delivery, video on demand…  The list goes on.  I don’t think that I have to sketch the picture, you get it.

In my previous insight, if you can recall, I talk about how the world is focusing on delivering motivation by, and for, extroverts.  I would venture that there is some sort of link between Continue reading “Wanna Make a Difference? Instant Coffee Doesn’t Compare with the Real Thing”