From YouSP to USP

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?  If you are unfamiliar with this term it is a term used in business to denote what sets your business apart?
I would however like to ask how does that apply to YOU as an individual.  What is your YouSP?  Perhaps think of it in this way, what is your super power.  How does your skills, experience and passion unite to set you apart.  What journey are you on that helps you shape your YouSP?

Tools and Techniques

There are various ways that you can go about determining YouSP, but I guarantee that a quick-fix is an illusion.  Especially if you want to have a long-term spiritual impact.  If you want to live out your calling you need recognise that you are in this for the long-run.

No amount of tools and techniques will be the answer, but you will need them all to help you discern.  It is a combined journey of competence and character.  You have to take your skills to the next level and also be able to wait in patience to apply them where appropriate.

The Real Work is the Unseen Work

As a new building is constructed there is much work below the surface.  For a long time it seems like there is no progress because of the creation of a strong foundation.  Once the foundation is built upward and visible progress is quickly.  If you do not build your own solid foundation your visible progress will not be sustainable for your character will destroy what your gifts have built.  Unless there is transformation.

Are you ready to have the conversation that will set you apart and set you on a long-term journey?