Contribute with Meaning

So, I hope you have enjoyed reading what spiritual intelligence is all about, connecting with the Divine and finding your voice.  Although I wrote about these very briefly, it takes time to develop and grow in these capabilities.  The third important element of spiritual intelligence is to contribute with meaning.  In my opinion your contribution flows from your connection with the Divine and finding your voice.

It All Flows Together

Consistency in connecting with the Divine inspires your spiritual intelligence.  This process and habit empowers you to look beyond victimhood which thrives on complaining, accusing and disowning your power.  Once you find your voice you can use your divinely inspired purpose to influence instead of complain.

Your eyes open up to how you have complained in the past even if it was not audibly.  You can now see it in everyone and you become aware that in every challenging situation there is an opportunity to come in the opposite spirit and speak peace and create harmony.  No matter where you are and no matter who you are it is always possible to contribute from your highest values and convictions in order to better the situation.

It is a process where you constantly decide what to focus on, the language you use to describe it to yourself and others as well as how you then process it in your body (physiology).  We make these decisions hundreds of times a day without even knowing it.  Once we become more aware of how we do this we take charge of the meaning crafting process and move from cause and effect to causing an effect.



Sing the High Notes

Once you practice crafting meaning in various situations and you continuously develop your unique gifts and character, you can start to sing the high notes with your voice.  We all enjoy when the singer hits the high notes and does so with passion and conviction.  We can all hit the high notes on a daily basis as we mature through patience and dedication.

I have personally seen how I have been able to sing higher notes throughout my life as I maintain the growth path.  It has not been easy and I have had to work through my own self pity and self-rejection.  Once I focused on the connection with the Divine and reshaped my Father-image things started to fall in place.  We have been separated from the greatest source of Love and it is our job to learn how to accept, experience and reflect love.

Think Long-Term not Terminally

You have most probably heard many influential people say that life is short and you have to make the most of it.  It is terminal thinking informed by a limited paradigm.  Terminal in the sense that time is a disease that will kill you.  My connection with the Divine tells me that my current form only reflects one part of eternity that I am already living.  It is long-term thinking to the extreme.  My eternal voice and purpose frees me up from the threat of time.  I have all the time in the world, so today I can focus on accomplishing my life’s work today.  If I should die tomorrow I am already 100% accomplished, successful and complete.

Tomorrow I live the same way.  It is a paradox that you need to let go in order to get a grip.  It is about going from survive to alive.