My last bit of writing focussed on paradox and I suggested at the end that perhaps we should use this to help us consider where exactly we are heading – individually and together. Seen and unseen, we all need rhythm so that we can time our own progress as we endeavour to better ourselves.

We need a measurement to
evaluate our progress – something greater than ourselves that will be able to predetermine certain goals that are not necessarily tangible. We seek it in many different things on this planet and so few actually find it. Those that have found their own unique rhythm are unfazed by the rhythm of this world – the fast, unrelenting pace set by the herd. The clamour of hooves around us can be deafening, distracting, and even deadly. We are not all the same and risking being different is sometimes life threatening.

Even in our post-modern society where the universal has been replaced by subjective pluralism where truth has become something we determine ourselves and it becomes near impossible to establish unifying, protective principles that are relevant for all of us. In this environment the ones that truly stand for others and an over-arching sense of responsibility to which each of us are equally accountable are the ones that seem to bring conformity, restriction, or even dominance. Once again we have a situation of paradox where ignoring the rules brings restriction, division, and pain. Welcoming the universal truths, principles, and rules brings freedom.

To solve problems we need to go back to the root of the problem not just the bad fruits. Take our current situation in South Africa with our constitution (I know this example is controversial): we have one of the most liberal constitutions in the world that tries to ensure that we all have equal rights. My question is that in trying to ensure that everybody is as “free” as possible we ignore interdependence and focus on independence. I.e: “I don’t need you and stay out of my way – it’s my right” rather than: “I acknowledge that we have to rely on one another to be significant and I am willing to sacrifice to ensure that all of us are better off”. Do we have leaders that stand up for justice no matter what or is it merely a power struggle between the power hungry?

The legacy of servant leadership of Nelson Mandela is fading and we are substituting it for self-centeredness which is protected by our constitution! We need to find a rhythm that unites us and we need drummers to lead us. Rhythm with room for everyone to add their personal style.


A statement which seems contradictory or absurd, but which expresses a truth.

Freedom is not doing what you want, freedom is wanting to do what you have to do…this kind of freedom is always rooted in practised habit. – Northrop Frye

If you want to move forward you have to stand still. To achieve certain goals it is important to first understand them and instill the right habits and practices which will enable you to achieve your goal. Most importantly – allow your goals to be altered because of the willingness to re-examine them.

If you simply jump in without hesitation the haste will cause error. It is like a child that wants to ride a bike without standing still first and listening to his father’s instruction. It does not mean that you remove error completely but perhaps disapointment and pain can be reduced greatly or even removed.

We are not brought up to embrace paradox, only human rationality which serves our own purpose. Everything has to happen quickly and efficiently and decisions have to be made faster than the speed of light because there is no time. Not true!

By doing less you achieve more. Take the concept of ‘time management’ as an example – I don’t believe in it. How can we think that by organising the details of my life I am in charge of time – it’s absurd. Instead I believe we have to detach ourselves from constraining kronos time (watch time) and attach ourselves to kairos time (season time). In other words look beyond the ticking seconds to the important matters that stretch beyond our own reality to make every second count.

Now just to be clear: I believe in punctuality and I will not let the falling leaves in autumn dictate my approach to life. To get a grip you got to let go.

Don’t plan, prepare. If I want to be prepared I cannot consider only one option. To be truly successful we have to be uncertain where we are going but not about who we are. Knowing who we are empowers us to know how we are going and that is the destination.

It is like a ship on the open sea. If you see yourself like this you position yourself to innovate, in other words you are ready to embrace different opporutinities as they arise and are in line with the purpose of your voyage. It is important to mention that once again you need to know who you are and know your final destination although you don’t know every detail of the course. Always have your true north!

This brings an important question about where we are heading both individually and together. Perhaps this could be the source of the next discussion…