Who am I?

Well…I thought that this question can go to bed for a while. I was wrong. I hope you ask this question from time to time. I think sometimes I ask this too much; I ask allot of questions and sometimes too much. In some circles this is called analysis paralysis. Keep questioning and you come to a point where the questions bog you down. Stuck in the quicksand and the more you struggle the more you sink in.

Yet, at the other end of the spectrum I believe there are more people that don’t make a concentrated effort to “know thyself” according to the ancient Greek aphorism. The challenge is to ask questions about yourself; allow yourself to be challenged about your paradigm and the underlying assumptions – “an unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates (picture of dead guy above).

Why are we so obsessed with creating BIGGER, better, and more advanced everything. What does it mean to develop, grow, live?! I believe we do not truly live within and the result is an obsessive drive to master everything that we touch as if to redeem ourselves. What we truly hunger is to know ourselves and no amount of worldly success can ever make up for that!