This is Why Personal Transformation Doesn’t Happen

I recently read a very good book on leadership by Danah Zohar.  The Quantum Leader outlines the impact of quantum physics paradigm on contemporary leadership.  It is indeed a total paradigm shift.  Paradigm as first used by the American philosopher Thomas Kuhn is:

“The whole perceptual, conceptual, emotional, and spiritual framework embracing our most deeply held, unconscious assumptions and values. It is the things we take for granted about any situation in life. Like a pair of glasses we wear to focus our visual world, our paradigm focuses the whole of what we take to be reality. It determines our expectations, frames the questions that we will ask, and structures our approach to what we do. Paradigms are so deep that they even determine what we see.”

If we want to see more transformation among leaders we need to address the crisis of paradigm. Continue reading “This is Why Personal Transformation Doesn’t Happen”

Finding Motivation During Difficult Times

During this challenging time that we are going through as a global family, I see in myself and others a decreased level of motivation.  If you look up the original meaning it of the word it emphasizes movement; or ‘to move’.  I see in myself and others less movement. The word burnout is being used more frequently as well as resilience.  It would also seem like we have even higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. Continue reading “Finding Motivation During Difficult Times”

Signs of the Times

It is 2020 and very exciting!  I am looking forward to using my abilities and gifting in a new way this year that will bless many.  May you find wonder and inspiration in every day to fully live out your purpose wherever you are.

With this new season I look around at what is happening spiritually and physically and connect the trends to find meaning. Continue reading “Signs of the Times”

The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s

Perhaps you recently read my aphorism for CEO’s.  It is the first step in my process of serving leaders of small business and startups better.  The job of the CEO in today’s times is changing.  No longer is it command and control, but connect and collaborate.  The CEO needs to hold the space and facilitate the emergence of well-being for everyone involved in the business.  The most valuable skill any CEO can have today is informed by an understanding of the seen and unseen world and how they interact. Continue reading “The Most Valuable Skill for CEO’s”

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

When the apple fell on Newton’s head and all of us started to follow his teachings we created the faith of materialism.  What we can see is real.  We went from worshiping many gods, to worshiping one God, to worshiping material things.  As the new world view inspired by the reconciliation of quantum and Newtonian physics is starting to influence our daily lives we need to activate our spiritual intelligence to lead.

What the Q!?

We are born with multiple intelligences, not just Continue reading “What is Spiritual Intelligence?”

Urgency Addiction

In my role as coach I tend to focus on reflection and insight.  I help individuals and leaders gain perspective in their life so that they can rejuvenate their focus and energy.  It is a shift away from urgency addiction. Renewed focus and energy ultimately leads to greater results.  It is not about creating more goals and targets, but taking a pause and Continue reading “Urgency Addiction”

CEO’s Have Only Three Things they Need to Do

Over the last 16 years or so I have worked with various CEO’s in various industries.  Some of them were at the helm of large corporates and others were pioneers of disruptive technology.  I have helped them understand the leadership imperative far beyond execution.  Our Newtonian world tells us that stuff is more important than being.

But we forget, we are human beings, not human doings. Continue reading “CEO’s Have Only Three Things they Need to Do”

CEO Strategic Foresight

There is a story that is your story.  It is the story of perseverance, dedication and excellence.  It is the story of suffering, pain and rejection.  It is the story of not being enough.  As you read this you are also writing the next chapter of your own story.  When you write your story, you are also writing the story of many others.  You are influential.  You are a leader.  You are a CEO.

Not Enough

Even though you have been at this for many years you are at a point where you need to transcend who you are so your business and organisation can transcend itself.  Deep inside you there is lingering power that can only be released with the help of your Creator.  You know this is true, but it seems like a mountain that is impossible to overcome. Continue reading “CEO Strategic Foresight”

The Battle of the Egos

Many people see capitalism and business as evil.  …Understandably so.  Many leaders in business today are missing the point.  Business is there to serve society.  The future leader of business needs to be a fulfilled individual if he or she wants to truly lead for good and not greed.

True leaders cannot desire to have Continue reading “The Battle of the Egos”