What is Spiritual Intelligence?

When the apple fell on Newton’s head and all of us started to follow his teachings we created the faith of materialism.  What we can see is real.  We went from worshiping many gods, to worshiping one God, to worshiping material things.  As the new world view inspired by the reconciliation of quantum and Newtonian physics is starting to influence our daily lives we need to activate our spiritual intelligence to lead.

What the Q!?

We are born with multiple intelligences, not just rational (serial) intelligence (IQ).  IQ, or has however become dominant because of the emphasis on the importance of rationality to the success of the human race.  There are however many different intelligences that each of us poses.  Have a look at the work of Howard Gardner.  Without going into too much detail here, I would like to mention four core intelligences:  rational intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), physical intelligence (PQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ).

As the quantum world view becomes more of a reality we need more spiritual intelligence to help us lead from being and not doing.  Being before doing.  Dear leaders, we need a sense of purpose that transcends uncertainty because we value the inherent, unseen more than the physical.  I come from South Africa and here the legacy of forgiveness, harmony and leadership left by Nelson Mandela is one of spiritual intelligence.  We need to rejuvenate and build on this.

SQ is Three Things

The first part of SQ is the connection with the divine.  It can also be referred to as integrity or wholeness.  The connection with the divine is the source of our affirmation, identity and voice (purpose and calling).  Please do not attempt to do big things outside of you unless you have done big things inside of you.  Many great men have built large empires but left their families, societies and planet in tatters.  This is not acceptable any more.  We do not want the one without the other.  Rather build small things in a big way than build big things that destroy the small things.

Secondly, SQ is voice – your purpose or calling.  It is the difference you make not matter where you are.  Your job is not your purpose.  It is the value you add no matter where you go.  You are it already, but need to understand it better as you grow older.

Thirdly, SQ is contribution.  Heal, support, lift up, teach, enable, transform…  Your contribution is measured in the amount of wellness you leave behind, not your bank account, buildings or fast cars.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or pastor – bigger is not necessarily better.  Make sure your connection with the Divine is sorted so that you can understand why you want the things you want and not blindly follow the desires of your heart.

How Do I Get More and Use It?

Step one is hunger.  Your values are reflected in the things you spent your thought, time and money on.  What are you spending yours on?  This is what is important in your life.  If you want it to be different you will need to break habits formed with the reinforcement of powerful brain chemicals.

If you can identify that you have a deep spiritual hunger you need to respond spiritually, not intellectually.  You have to come from a place of prayer, reflection, reading, meditation and spiritual experiences.  I personally am lost without Godly intervention in my inner world.  For me it is about bringing all my deepest desire before Him.  I also do this audibly, musically and physically (by using different postures when I pray and sing).

In following posts I will pick things up from here.  For now, connect with the Divine and go from survive to alive!