Goal Update: Don’t Talk About Your Goals and the Princple of Ensue

Quite a while back I wrote about setting goals and how people are afraid to do so because they might not be able to achieve their goals.  So they imagine setting a goal and then doing everything they possibly can and then not achieving it.  What will people think?  Perhaps you should not be sharing your goals to start with.  Watch this if you want to get the inside scoop. 
You might also recall that I spoke about the principle of ensue not that long ago.  From this perspective you should stop chasing things like happiness because in the pursuit of happiness you actually never attain it.  You might therefore ask what is more important than happiness?  According to Victor Frankl the determination of meaning for yourself is much more important.  Not the meaning of life in general but the meaning of your life.  A very subjective approach.
What I take from this is that having an idea or vision of where you want to go is much more than setting out specifics of how this should happen – just move!  Some people need goal setting to help them along and track their progress.  Others, like myself, are more intuitive and work to serve a greater purpose.  Another approach that some follow is to engage in what they are good at with their whole being and as time goes by they realise they are engaged in very meaningful work.
There are many options that suit many different people.  The danger is that if one person finds a way that has worked for them and such a person is a leader he/she can enforce that solution on everyone.  What I however find is that a lot of people are in fact reluctant followers.  Let’s back off and let everyone set their own pace and become truly great (whatever that might mean)!