Finding Motivation During Difficult Times

During this challenging time that we are going through as a global family, I see in myself and others a decreased level of motivation.  If you look up the original meaning it of the word it emphasizes movement; or ‘to move’.  I see in myself and others less movement. The word burnout is being used more frequently as well as resilience.  It would also seem like we have even higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. Continue reading “Finding Motivation During Difficult Times”

Urgency Addiction

In my role as coach I tend to focus on reflection and insight.  I help individuals and leaders gain perspective in their life so that they can rejuvenate their focus and energy.  It is a shift away from urgency addiction. Renewed focus and energy ultimately leads to greater results.  It is not about creating more goals and targets, but taking a pause and Continue reading “Urgency Addiction”

Through the Pain

Our greatest victories are achieved through the pain that we experience, or should I say perceived pain.  So much of what we perceive as real pain is self-inflicted due to the paradigm we choose to believe.  If you desire to have a beautiful car or home and everyday you are ‘denied’ this beautiful possession you feel pain.

Our minds are therefore our greatest tool.  To spend our time on evaluating that which we believe is the most important to us we can save Continue reading “Through the Pain”

It’s Easier to Make It in This World Than it is to Change It

I have mentioned this quote in the past, but after a good conversation with a friend earlier today I thought it would be good to focus on it specifically:  It is easier to make it in this world than it is to change it.  Why?  Because you have to be willing to change yourself first.  Something I learned with greater depth in 2015 when I completed a U.Lab online certification at MIT through edX.

The course specifically focuses on changing business, society and self.  During our conversation my friend, very eloquently, indicated that the self should be first in order to emphasize that is where it all begins (the focus of the course is nonetheless very much on changing yourself first).  Throughout the course I had the chance to interact with variety of individuals all over the world Continue reading “It’s Easier to Make It in This World Than it is to Change It”

It’s Just You and Your Potential

I am on a journey to discover and express as much of my potential as I can. It is a life long journey and I seek to serve others as the central theme of this journey. To be of great value and have powerful impact is the true north of my compass.

What I have realised on this journey that it is mostly a lonely journey.  Although I am always looking for kindred spirits and like-minded individuals or groups, at the end of the day this is my journey and no-one can travel it on my behalf.  When I look in the mirror it is jut me there.  It is up to me to take all the gifts that I have received an turn them into the man I like to see in the mirror.

No-one else will persevere and be willing to look different, weird, difficult or stupid on my behalf – that’s all on me!  I need to keep on believing in me.  I have to take the view of Eternity: I have been made for a purpose that will serve this world in order to improve it.  As I renew my vision and beliefs every day and become the best version of myself, I help the world around me do the same.

This is the message that I have for you today – Don’t be distracted; this is your journey and if you don’t weigh anchor and aim for the open seas no-one is going to do it on your behalf.  It doesn’t matter who you are, remember that today is the day you decided not only to survive but live!

…Go from survive to alive!

Awaken Your Consciousness

When I look around me and listen to the stories of people that are dependent upon some sort of pill, addiction or habit to get them through the day it makes me sad.  I know from personal experience how empowering it is to take the hard road led by significance.

I urge you today, if you are using some sort of crutch that society, doctors, friends or family are telling you that you need in order to survive, question that knowledge! Continue reading “Awaken Your Consciousness”