Awaken Your Consciousness

When I look around me and listen to the stories of people that are dependent upon some sort of pill, addiction or habit to get them through the day it makes me sad.  I know from personal experience how empowering it is to take the hard road led by significance.

I urge you today, if you are using some sort of crutch that society, doctors, friends or family are telling you that you need in order to survive, question that knowledge!
Don’t settle for second best.  Awaken your consciousness to the higher self that you can be today.  Don’t wait, don’t say to yourself you will start next week or next month.  You are a whole, complete being but don’t wrap yourself in lies and assumptions people speak about you or, even worse, say or think about yourself.

You can be free!  You can discover your purpose – don’t settle for mediocre.  The world needs you to come alive and help others do the same.  Keep searching, keep knocking, keep on the journey and don’t become distracted.

Go from just surviving to being alive!