It’s Easier to Make It in This World Than it is to Change It

I have mentioned this quote in the past, but after a good conversation with a friend earlier today I thought it would be good to focus on it specifically:  It is easier to make it in this world than it is to change it.  Why?  Because you have to be willing to change yourself first.  Something I learned with greater depth in 2015 when I completed a U.Lab online certification at MIT through edX.

The course specifically focuses on changing business, society and self.  During our conversation my friend, very eloquently, indicated that the self should be first in order to emphasize that is where it all begins (the focus of the course is nonetheless very much on changing yourself first).  Throughout the course I had the chance to interact with variety of individuals all over the world and one of the greatest challenges that a large number of participants listed was the inability to quiet themselves and listen to other people.  This is basically step 1!  Yeah, that’s right!  This world is stuck at step 1!

We did many great things during the previous millennium, but now we have to grow out of our baby shoes and start walking – step 1!

There is a cacophony of voices all trying to be heard and there are very few hearts and minds attent on what is trying to emerge from the future.  Too much of it is just me, me, me.  I struggle with it and I will bet that many of you reading this are also struggling with it.  I am however concerned with those not struggling with it because it means there is too much ignorance and not enough awareness.

There are simply too many people that focus on making it rather than helping positive change happen.  I am however constantly writing, speaking and engaging entrepreneurs and leaders in order to support and inspire the new generation to step up, change themselves and help to shape the future as we move from egonomics to economics.

I work with people that are interested in constantly deciding to go from survive to alive!