Through the Pain

Our greatest victories are achieved through the pain that we experience, or should I say perceived pain.  So much of what we perceive as real pain is self-inflicted due to the paradigm we choose to believe.  If you desire to have a beautiful car or home and everyday you are ‘denied’ this beautiful possession you feel pain.

Our minds are therefore our greatest tool.  To spend our time on evaluating that which we believe is the most important to us we can save us so much time and pain in the long run.  Think about this – and I mean think about it – if you spend less time on things you perceive to be so vital, but that are in fact the root cause of your pain simply by reevaluating the importance of it, you can essentially remove some pain out of your life.

That is why your pain is not absolute.  Your pain is a message to check your paradigm.  Perhaps you can get rid of your pain simply by shifting your desire to things, people and circumstances that bring life rather than disappointment and pain.