2017 – Believe!

In 2017 I will aim to post less than I did in 2016 when I was posting one insight a week.  Up until August 2016 I was consistent with my posts, but as you have probably read, I have gone through dramatic shifts in terms of my world view.

2016 Was the year that symbolises completion and wholeness for me – the year I realised that on my own I am incomplete.  Many see 2016 as a very distressing year and cannot be happier that it is over.  I can understand this completely.  It does however seem that many missed the valuable opportunity a crisis brings.  This begs the question, what is your world view?  What does a crisis mean to you?

I believe in a singular Creator-G-d that is the source of all life and that has given us free will.  He has also given us a supreme Way, that if we choose to follow, brings great fruitfulness to this earth.  I have tried many other ways and although some bring some form of success for some short period of time, none will ever bring eternal, holistic, integrated fruitfulness.

We have been called, but we fail to respond to this call.  It takes faith to walk in the ancient ways and we are easily distracted by the big billboards and flat-screen TV’s.

As always I believe that all of us are breathing but few of us are truly alive.  Join me on a journey going from survive to alive in 2017!