Are You Hungry for Meaning and Purpose?

On a daily basis I encounter people who ask me how have I  been able to find work with such meaning and purpose?  The answer to that is not one that many people would like to hear.  It is also a long story, but it starts out with a specific question: Are you hungry for meaning and purpose?

You see, I won’t stop.  I believe that each and everyone one of use has a purpose on earth.  All of us have been created unique and can serve from this unique beauty that we possess.  Once we align this beauty with the One who made us a river of life is released from within us.

Through many of life’s challenges I have embraced the pain as part of the process.  From a young age I was willing to take foolish risks in order to pursue a life of meaning and purpose.  With every new role and opportunity that I grabbed hold of, I was able to make great strides in connecting my identity with my destiny.  It is a lifelong process, but I can attest to growth in the areas of spirituality, relationships, money and health.

Where are you?  Are you hiding behind your beliefs of insignificance and impossibility?  Are you telling yourself that you don’t have that unique edge?  Are you telling yourself that you are not special?  I am not suggesting that you try and take over the world, but perhaps your power to realise meaning and purpose is right under your nose.  Maybe you will have to take some risks.  Those are normally the risks you need to take in order catalyse that dormant potential for positive influence in your world.

Perhaps you need to sit down with someone like me that can help you chart a way forward.  Whatever you do, you need to answer the question: are you hungry for meaning and purpose!?

Go from survive to alive!