CEO Strategic Foresight

There is a story that is your story.  It is the story of perseverance, dedication and excellence.  It is the story of suffering, pain and rejection.  It is the story of not being enough.  As you read this you are also writing the next chapter of your own story.  When you write your story, you are also writing the story of many others.  You are influential.  You are a leader.  You are a CEO.

Not Enough

Even though you have been at this for many years you are at a point where you need to transcend who you are so your business and organisation can transcend itself.  Deep inside you there is lingering power that can only be released with the help of your Creator.  You know this is true, but it seems like a mountain that is impossible to overcome.

If you deny the mountain, you deny your God-given power.  A power that is only realised within true interdependence of faith and relationship of the highest magnitude.  Are you the person that will be true to your calling?  Will you accept this challenge to become more?  Are you ready to flow with life?

Losing Control

Until now you have been in control, but you can feel that the next season is beyond your current abilities.  Life has turned into survival and your past is dictating your future.  You need to turn your back on the old and be willing to lose control of what you think you have and who you are.  It is a risky business and the responsibility falls to you.  There is a part of you that would like to deny the calling upon your life, but you have been put here to demonstrate the great following of the way.

Only when you lose control will you be able to gain faith exponentially.  You need to shift your being to purpose – being before doing.  Only by losing control will you be able to gain much more authority.

Creating Peace that Brings Prosperity

Your job is to create prosperity.  That is what business is for.  It is a lonely journey and there are few who understand what you go through every day.  To lose control and gain faith will bring peace that creates prosperity.  Your focus needs to shift to relationships and culture.  As you become centered, so will your organisation as you model, teach and coach faith, purpose and certainty.

You have to demonstrate going from surviving to living.