To type or not to type?

This is the question I asked myself recently. At first I thought it useless to add my voice to the jungle of information an knowledge on the web already available. On the other hand…in history there has been no-one like me, the words I type have never been typed before and that in itself is reason to put them down so that many years from now when truly intellectual beings visit our desolate planet they are able to observe another part of a colourful rainbow that spans history. Sometimes it’s the little dots and odd marks that can lead to great things.

Welcome to The Konstrukt! Based on the adventures of Jan-Derick Nel. This blog is a challenge to everyone out there that believe there is more. More to life than being born, growing old and dying. I believe there is more; much more! I however cannot define ‘more’ on my own – I need help. That is where you come in. I do believe it was Socrates that said: “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

I enjoy traveling but there is no greater journey than the one inwards. Change is the only constant and being prepared is what this blog is about.
Please hang around while I develop this blog into an area where we can change minds and hearts, especially our own.

Stay tuned for further konstruktions.