It’s in the Weave

One of the first posts I put up was “The King and The Clown”. I discussed the challenge of forming a synergy between strategic planning and spontaneous action (perhaps I summarise it better now than orignally). Still this challenge remains and my thoughts are filled with these questions daily.

Our minds work primarily on linear thought patterns that pick up speed too quickly and make assumptions too hastily. A good illustration is a magician – in Afrikaans there is an excellent term used to describe the work of such a person: “oë verblindery” – to blind the eyes, i.e. not to see or deceive. A quick move of the hand here, a distraction there and before you know it your mind cannot comprehend what just happend.

Life is a weave that can blind you in an instance and it is then when we make an error in judgement. There are very many different strands that flow together, different colours, materials, strengths, and lengths. All are important but when we focus to much on just going with the weave and not preparing for what lies ahead we get cought up; entangled and the weave becomes a mess. Prepare too much and lose the art behind it. I dread the day I wake up and life has lost it’s colour; the day my mind cannot comprehend and even worse my heart cannot feel.

I need to appreciate the weave, make it slower in my mind and heart and not be deceived. Following the threads but remembering what I am weaveing. Who is being woven. It is in the weave.