I find myself regularly asking what should I be willing to sacrifice? Obviously the underlying question is for what or for whom should I be willing to sacrifice? Many people are willing to sacrifice for money; I’m not. I look for greater meaning in what I do – it has to make me a better man, husband, and father. If I cannot find the balance to create synergy I have to ask myself whether the sacrifices are for the right reason.

For this to be successful their is an assumption that I have to clarify and this is where it gets tough. I assume that I know what I want – do you? This is in fact a gap because too many times we ask ourselves this and the answer comes to easily. The question behind the question is what do I need? I have to distinguish between what is good for me and what is pleasant. Sometimes these overlap and sometimes they don’t. The discipline is to chose that which I need above that which I want. Capitalism rewards those who can clearly articulate what they want and bend their whole being to achieve it and not necessarily those that can articulate what they need. It is sometimes harder work to do less.

I find myself in a corporate environment where there is clear pressure to meet deadlines and DELIVER! I would like to ask many of the people why. Why so big, why such a hurry, why, why, why? Don’t get me wrong – work is good. I believe that if we become quiet and honest with ourselves we can save ourselves allot of pain through unnecessary sacrifice!