Into the Dark Places

I recently read a stirring quote by novelist Erica Jong which said that “Everyone has talent; what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” WOW! My little world got an unexpected, yet welcomed, jolt.

I had a peak outside the box today and realised that if is not worth the risk it is not worth it at all. The challenge is to find something that I am willing to lay my life down for; for it is only then that I will have something to live for! It definitely can’t be money because it is simply just never enough. What is the price that I will have to pay to poses my passion?

Am I willing to sacrifice security? How about recognition? What do I say when my comfort gets challenged? These are big challenges and I better have some form of transcending faith that will allow me to sacrifice everything that I have known for everything I need. I mean you can never be sure of many things like buying into a world of insured security that is based on a very fragile debt ridden capitalist system. It is a huge kingdom with glistening castles, towers, and temples dedicated to every imaginable god that you could ever desire to worship all built upon a matchstick foundation. There are millions of people running around underneath the veneer of wealth propping the matchstick kingdom up with very flimsy support.

What happens when the kingdoms’ foundations shake and all the temples of all the gods start rattling and creaking? Our security is starting to fall and all around us and the illusion of safety and security is melting like a ice sculpture in the Sahara. The zeros in our bank account vanish until there is only one remaining standing alone, naked in the coming storm. No longer can we wander around the golden streets to ease the angst we have, no longer can we inject ourselves with sweet satisfaction that blinds us and keeps us addicted to the mediocrity of a fallen world.

Yes! What is my passion? Why do I want it? I want to look beyond the mere insincerity of the fast-paced world and work with people that desire a better perspective. I have a passion to coach individuals who desire to go into the dark places where there talent leads.