Purpose SA

Times are challenging!  I am experiencing difficulties on various levels.  The economy is not as flourishing and growing as it was previously, we have a 4 month old boy in the home and I live in a troubled city.  

The question that is however really bugging me is why do I choose to live in South Africa?

Don’t get me wrong, but I believe this is a good question we need to ask, and more importantly, answer.  Many people live in this country and simply take for granted that they are here by coincidence and whatever they do is only important to them and their immediate family.  No!  This cannot be.  We cannot be building our own little fortresses in a country that is desperately trying to establish its own identity.
In order to thrive on the difficulties that persist it is very important to find purpose!  What is the purpose of staying in a country with such high crime rates, cultural differences and economic divides?  As you all know I am a white male and at the moment the economy is not specifically inclined to favour me.  Why am I here?  I am here because I believe in a country that forgives, unites and creates.  I see myself as one of the privileged individuals living in South Africa that will help shape an excellent and ethical future filled with passion and compassion.  Tolerance is not enough, it is merely a coping mechanism.  We have to live together, not survive together.
Why are you here?