Principle of Ensue

In my preceding posts I spoke about the one impossible thing as well as BHAGs.  Both of these topics are related to one another.  It speaks to the construct that this blog is based upon – being fully alive or going from survive to alive.  Perhaps it is more of a continuum on which you can oscillate but the construct of fully alive holds.
So what am I going on about?  Simple: Through my personal journey as well as the professional work that I do I find that having purpose and focusing on it catalyses the principle of ensue.  In the professional work that I do we are focused on assisting entrepreneurs to set goals and then work along side them in order to achieve the goals.  For some this works just fine but for other entrepreneurs goals are actually just a pain in the butt.  What I have however realised in my own life is that if I keep my eye on a clear purpose – fire in my belly, reason for getting up and living strong – the goals kind of have their own way of happening.
I have also noticed the exact same thing for my clients.  The ones with purpose are the ones that let their goals ensue.  There is a much stronger sense of being all they can be versus having or getting everything they want.  Focusing on being is when the motivation truly comes from inside.  No-one can ever take this away from you.
The strongest example of the principle of ensue that I have come across is in the work of Victor Frankl who was a prisoner in a Nazi prison camp and wrote the book Man’s Search for Meaning.  This is not an easy read but one of the most profound works of the 20th century – I dare you to read it.
Bottom line is that once you can see past the shallow desires of the lower self and start to search for meaning instead of things a deep seated life is catalysed through the principle of ensue and your actions and behaviour become attuned with your moral compass.  More about that next time…