More to Life Than Increasing its Speed

A while back I read an interesting quote by Gandhi that more or less went like this:  “There is more to life than increasing its speed”.  It hit me hard!  There are many things in there that stimulate thought and discussion.  Perhaps my previous post went to the extreme but it connects to the the challenge of defining life.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to define life in general (at least not in this post).  What I am referring to is formulating a sufficient definition for yourself.  Too many times we simply want to make things go faster because everyone else around us is doing it and ultimately your life is defined by how fast you can make it go.
I find that I am hurried inside even when I am not very busy.  So for me the reality of slowing things down inside is the current dominant challenge.  Do you find that you are constantly hurried inside?  I have spoken to a number of people, read various books and have come to realise that people that are normally seen to be ambitious are many times the ones that are hurried inside.  From where I’m sitting this hurriedness is related to ambition.  Nothing wrong with ambition you might say…
This is something that I am exploring because if ambition makes me hurried inside and therefore helps me define my life by how fast I can make it go, I don’t want much to do with it.  Can I replace ambition with something else?

I ask myself whether I am being a contribution; and if I am making it better, is it better for all?