Pleasure and Pain (part 2)

I finished my previous post with the promise of continuing the discussion on pleasure and pain as motivators.  I also indicated that I believe that it really is a significant force to reckon with.

I have now been applying it to some of my own habits for example lowering my intake of sugar (sweets, in coffee, etc.).  I am glad to report that it has been approximately 3 weeks and I have never before felt this good about changing a habit.  If I can do this, what’s next?!

I need to tell you that I don’t have a weight problem, but I want to keep it that way.  If I can look as good as my parents do today when I am their age, I have a worthy goal to attain.

Bottom line: this was my trial run and achieving this is my platform to start changing even greater things.  …Just keep watching this space.

But back to the impact of utilising the pain and pleasure paradigm for good.  Every time I want to eat something sweet or add sugar to my coffee I simply ask myself: “Can I do without it just this once?”.  The answer obviously is a simple YES!  In order to get to my yes I just imagine the joy I will feel to overcome just this once, just this instance and use that as my motivation.  Not only that, I also see that giving in is a slippery slope and before I know it I will be an old fat man that regretted my bad habits when I was younger.  I use both the vision of pleasure as well as the vision of pain to move me in the direction of improvement.

I therefore utilise my imagination in service of a higher standard for myself according to who I know I am.  This certainty propels me to make a choice that moves away from mediocre towards greatness.  From simply surviving towards being fully alive.

Now it’s your turn: Pick just one small habit that you feel you want to stop doing or one thing you want to start.  When faced with the choice of not executing your power of choice in regards to your habit that you want to quit or start simply use your imagination and condition yourself into seeing the pain of not choosing your preferred option and the pleasure of choosing the preferred option.  Give it at least ten days (step by step, instance by instance).  As soon as you reach the ten day mark simply keep going and aim for three weeks.

Once you’ve reached this point it is perhaps time to inspire everyone else by telling your friends, emailing me or even putting down a post on this blog if you really want to make a bigger impact.

I want to join you on a journey from survive to alive!