Defining Growth

DSC04222Following on from my previous post on defining value I thought I should continue on the same path…  So down the rabbit hole we go – hold on!
In the previous post I referred to personal growth as valuable, or rather the depth of connection that it brought as valuable.  In this regard I also highlighted the importance of protecting it.  So let’s look a little closer at the value of growth.

Revan’s axiom on growth is simple:  In any instance where your rate of learning is equal to or greater than the challenge/change at hand you are able to grow.  If I translate it for myself it reads:  Through pain lies the path but only the brave will commit.

‘Nature shows that with the growth of intelligence comes increased capacity for pain, and it is only with the highest degree of intelligence that suffering reaches its supreme point.’ ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

So you’ve got to increase your intelligence and your ability to learn…  I would like to further define intelligence not only as IQ but as emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence (among others).  Few however like to walk this path especially in current times when what we value is not a deeper, richer path defined more by the intangible but rather the pleasure-filled emotional intensity of a energy drink infused society that is obsessed with material possessions, celebrity chefs and sex.
Another obsession is knowledge and superior intellect.  We forget to relate through emotional intelligence as well as align our lives to our greatest spiritual intelligence that motivates an existence based on the understanding of greater purpose.

In other words pain is the greatest teacher but few want to be its student.  It is evident in society that we focus on fleeting short term pleasure instead of redefining our pleasure in line with much more lasting reward.  No, this is not for us – it is too hard; too painful!

Perhaps, but the long term pain that we bring upon ourselves because of the avoidance of short term pain is immeasurable.  So we are happy to avoid pain and simply survive on this planet from day to day.  Just surviving, but not really living.  How about you – are you shifting your definition of pleasure and aligning to valuable personal growth by facing the pain and becoming victorious?  Are you surviving or are you alive?

Next week I will link personal growth to the growth of a nation!  So spread the word to be brave, face the pain and live!

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