Leadership Hoo-Ha and Other Boring Stuff

I have a great passion to see leaders in society bring about transformation to the benefit of all.  I am especially interested in the character of the new generation leaders in business.

Too Much Noise

In line with this passion I constantly scan all my newsletters, updates, community discussions and posts to see what is buzzing.  Unfortunately I come across too much leadership hoo-ha (otherwise known as jargon, theories and techniques) that muddy the waters.  For many years I have felt that I was over-simplifying things by being primarily concerned with the motivation for leadership, i.e. who we are as a source of leadership.

Whenever I looked around I saw that there were “cool new trends” emphasized by people with smart jargon.  More and more I would simply skip this kind of stuff and look for real meaning behind the boring words.

They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.
—Carl W. Buehner

There is so much noise out there that we have forgotten what it all comes down to.  It comes down to heart.  It is the heart of leadership – the why – that matters most.


The point is that along with the really big boring words that everyone forgets we will not forget the emotional condition leaders leave us in.  Focusing on the skills and techniques as the primary responsibility of a leader is also very boring. Digging in and growing is however the really hard work that we are neglecting in society and business.  We are being overwhelmed by tools, techniques and whatever the flavour of the month is.

Focus on the human being. The potential of each individual related in community is powerful.  It is the job of leader in any organisation to remember this.  The leader needs to cut through the noise and maintain the most important focus of why.

Who do You Think You Are?

We lead from who we are.  The personality of the organisation takes on the personality of the CEO.  It is truly rare to find a CEO that can focus on people and results.  We need CEO’s and leaders that understand the new world of quantum physics in relation to Newtonian physics.

I know you are following what I am saying.  If you are this CEO that wants to lead from a sens of higher purpose I know I can work with you.  Your sense of self knowledge and desire for good is what sets you apart.  I invite you to take your leadership to the next level.  Be grounded in higher purpose and transcend uncertainty.

Go from survive to alive.