Choose a Side

1_99Society is evolving into two disparate opposites.  On the one side you have the dividing 1% influence or trend and on the other you have the 99% transformation hungry.  Sure, the gap is growing but for how long.  It is as Nick Hannauer so succinctly describes – the pitchforks are coming.  And they are coming for the rich.

How long can a world remain so unbalanced and unfair?  If you look at history it is evident that it cannot remain.  Normal human beings simply can’t take it.  The problem will however remain as long as things are okay.  Once things are not okay, i.e. if the pain becomes to great people seek a way out.  Off-course there is so much more to the matter because we live in a complex society but I am making an emotive argument more than a cognitive one.  I would like to stir the hunger for transformation (- a dangerous thing, I know).

In effect I am asking you how do you feel about the state of the world?  On which side are you?  Are you on the side of society that pretends to care but in fact too easily remain comfortable with the way things are or are you on the side of challenge, transformation and deep reward?

Perhaps a bit of both?  Make a decision for life today!