It’s Messy, Wild and Crazy! It’s Life!

chaos-627218_1280We try to stop it.  We try to control it.  We think we know.  We believe that we are infallible.

…And yet everyday we realise that it is not true.  The failure, beautiful failure, that guides true learning in life.  If we so desire.

The reality is that this world is a beautiful place that is filled with challenges.  We can choose to live life or just survive.  Sometimes a bit of surviving does breed the desire to live, but death lurks behind mediocrity.  In other words, you are either growing or you are slowly dying.

If you don’t value the season of survival you miss the opportunity to learn from it and live – your time of survival is empty.  If you decide to dig in and learn from your suffering you actually incorporate life into that moment.  This is why this blog, and its message, is not focused on thriving, prosperity or abundance, but life.  When you make a conscious decision to live, you build your existence on a solid base.

Life is messy, wild and crazy and part of it is to choose to grow and learn in the midst of challenges.  You always have the power to choose!

Choose to go from survive to alive!