Did You Rest?

restIf you where fortunate enough to have a holiday –  I would like to know – did you rest?

Do you know what the word means for you?  As with purpose there is no universal definition of rest. There is a universal result but our journeys are different.

Perhaps you should ask: “How do I feel after the holiday?”

Are you content and at peace with who you are and what you have?

Rest for me is changing habits for as long as I can. I.e. swapping one positive habit for another positive habit.  Many people think that indulging in bad habits for a while results in rest but the actual consequence is that uncomfortable spare tire and a hangover that last for most of January. Oh, and this is many times accompanied by a depressing bank statement.

New year’s resolutions are actually self imposed guilt trips due to avoidance of rest at the end of the year.  Look around, people aren’t rested as much as they are distracted.  True rest comes from relinquishing fear and anxiety due to trust in a Higher Power.  No Higher Power, no rest.  The wonderful thing however is that this form of rest is in fact available throughout the year.  The sad reality is that as at the end of the year few people tap into rest during the year.  You have to let go and sink deep into trust.  No more activity but rather serenity.  That task, activity, party or whatever is not the thing that will bring rest.  You invite rest when you let go and trust that right now you are okay and everything is going to be okay.  You can get back to the routine, people and activities later.

Right now you have to breathe and rest.

Rest is not doing nothing it is is doing the appropriate thing and  experiencing the appropriate emotions.  So for example in December, and other times throughout the year I swap my normal reading digest that consists of non-fiction for fiction.  I go to my local library and instead of increasing my holiday expenses by purchasing another book I borrow a book.  When was the last time you went to your local library?  Perhaps you go frequently, in any case it is a wonderful experience to walk in among those rows and rows of books of which any one of them can go home with you.  For me that is breaking the routine, stepping into the moment and resting.  What’s more is that I can share it with my son!

Now that is shifting my consciousness and going from survive to alive!