Change Brings Improvement. …Not quite!

suspension-bridge-1171119_960_720Earlier this week I spoke to someone that works in a division of a large multi-national company. Things have become rather challenging for them as the corporate culture has taken over.  They used to be a smaller family owned operation but was bought as part of a global expansion by the large corporate.

Just this week another measure of control was instituted and everybody expected to comply. After this happened I had a chat with my friend and he said that “we must just wait because when a good company like this makes changes things will improve.”

I asked him to reflect for a moment and indicate whether the changes thus far have brought improvement – a resounding no!
Myth: Change brings improvement. Truth: It depends.

It is obviously hard to clearly state whether this company is going to improve things or not, but the reality is that it all depends on your measure.  If you like corporate control because you believe people are untrustworthy you will smile broadly at more control.
If you are however a free-thinker and like to base relationships on trust, more control will not exactly inspire you.

I can however tell you that the morale at the company has been heading South for the last two years or so, and that is not a subjective measure.
The company is trying to bridge the gap but perhaps the type of bridge they are building is just not appropriate.  It’s funny how many large organizations are like a colonial power – they simply disregard the culture when they arrive and simply force their way on people – they create the gap that requires a bridge.

That’s when people go from being alive to just surviving.  So, Big Corporates, I ask you: Consider why you buy a company in the first place?  Perhaps what makes it a good investment is that it is good before you get there.