Being Dog

Even if you are not a dog person I am sure you are aware of how dogs go about things.  What I mean is that when you observe them they do not think about fully being dog; they just are.  Especially when you observe a dog that is off its leash and running around in a free space (please note, off its leash and free space) there is something inspiring about it.
I especially love watching Golden Retrievers and Labradors.  They run up and down, sniff, wag their tales, bark and in general just be dog.  Nothing beats it.  Not thinking how will my behaviour look or is this the right thing, just be.  They take what they have and what they are and fully express themselves according to this.
Now I think this is something we are missing.  I think we can learn a few things from our furry friends.  Now I do not think it is a smart idea to get on all fours, bark and mark your territory but when was the last time you asked yourself if you are fully being dog.
I find myself in a situation currently where I am not fully dog.  I have put on a leash and trapped myself in the yard.  I know however that being dog is my choice.  The first step I am taking is asking what kind of dog am I.  Once I answer this I decide to be true on being dog and not focus much on the outcome as such (because being dog means I don’t worry).  I therefore identify my unique makeup and gifts and ask myself how can I use these today?  Simply use and develop them more than I did yesterday – one percent better every day.  Not looking to a goal and measuring against anyone else except how I am growing.
If I get to a place where my leash and yard is stopping me I ask how can I change this or, for the time being, be dog right where I am.
So, are you being dog?