5 Things to Think About

No. 1
Are you waiting for a job (perhaps not your current one) to bring you happiness?
No, seriously!  I know people have perhaps spoken about this for quite a while and it is perhaps a cliche but have you ever paused and asked yourself “Am I waiting for my job, or the people at my job, to make me happy?”  Now happiness is not the ultimate measure as we have confirmed before but it sure is a good indicator if things are on track or not.  You could perhaps say that fulfilment is the goal and happiness is the measure.
For quite a while I saw my job as my main source of fulfilment and happiness.  Although your job is important because you probably spend so much time at it (not that you have to – No. 2 – next post) it cannot be the main reason for getting up out of bed.  Now more than ever I realise how work is part of a greater purpose and that is worth putting on my slippers and getting out of bed.  From some solid failures and other great experiences I have come to realise that there is so much more.  Work is important, yes, but it should weave in with the rest of your life, compliment the other parts, and create synergy.
The challenge is that most of us have resigned to the circumstances and are waiting for that magical moment when someone will recognise your skills.  It won’t happen.  As so many before me I have realised that I will perhaps change the world but my odds are significantly higher for changing my world; the one I live in; the people I meet.
It’s all in the mix man!  I’m telling you!  If you read my post on the principle of ensue or on paradox it might ring a bell.  You have to let go to get to get a grip; stand still to move forward; appreciate the small to get the big.
For too long I focused on this “big mission” whilst life was passing me by.  I thought that things will happen when they happen and divorced my effort from the result.  I now realise that those smaller dreams I have for me and my family are very important and that by changing my way of doing I might just be changing my world anyway.
So now the challenge is how can I change my approach and perhaps spend less time working but gain greater income.  I want to work on my terms and add value.  I want to be powerful beyond measure and let my presence in this world be a blessing.  I do not want to build my own tower and compete with others striving to do the same.