Am I Generation Y?

In the last few weeks my circumstances and conversations have led me to ask whether I am Generation Y.  It seems like the general definition of Generation Y is the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, typically regarded as increasingly familiar with digital and electronic technology.
This is really not very specific.  Upon searching a bit further I also came upon the following (
  • About 60% of younger workers say it is not very likely or not likely at all that they will stay with their current employers for the remainder of their working life. (In contrast, 62% of Generation X workers say it’s likely they will never leave their current employer while 84% of Baby Boomers expect to remain with their current employer for the rest of their working life.)
  • Only 1/3 of Millennials say their current job is their career. 
  • 41% of Millennials use only a cell phone and have no landline.
  • 53% of the total blogging population is 21-35 years old. 
  • Most live under the radar of establishment ( 
Now the picture starts getting a little clearer.  Perhaps I can summarise what I understand Millenials or Generation Y’ers are all about:  I want to be real about who I am and do not necessarily want to subscribe to the rules and norms of the ‘establishment’.  I see possibilities everywhere and get frustrated with people that look at me and want to subscribe a certain role to me because of my age.  I am passionate about change and want to see that our planet is treated better.
From this point of of view I definitely am part of Generation Y and proud of it!  What I however have encountered is that society, or more specifically business, is not that open to Generation Y.  They are still operating on older command and control models that is not Generation Y friendly.  So here is where the radical change comes in that I have spoken about previously.  Now, I suspect that there are a  lot of Generation Y’ers out there that are frustrated with the way things are but feel disempowered to do so.  On the other hand I also see more Generation Y’ers that are working for themselves and disregard ‘the establishment’.  I love it!

I see a future where more people step out, are creative, connect and collaborate.  More freedom, more real, and deeper relationships because everyone’s voice matters from the beginning and we are mutually responsible for the freedom we create.  Oh yeah, I am definitely part of this generation – bring it on!

This awareness inspires me to keep on writing and spreading the word that there is more out there and the more people get up and show what they’ve got the stronger the movement will become.  I guess I am helping to create a beachhead in my area of influence.
P.s I know this post is a day late but I was kidnapped by aliens that did experiments on my mind… 🙂