There are a number of things that are not quite the way that I want them in my life at the moment.  I would venture and say that most people can say the same at the moment.  What am I doing about it?  I have come to a place where I realise that awareness of who I am is once again giving me the breakthrough.

I recently did the Myers Briggs personality test again and through doing this I have come to realise where my blind spots are holding me back.  The biggest insight has been that I get stressed when things are not settled.  I really like getting finality and closure and if things are ‘in the air’ I get stressed.  For the last few months I have been trying to clearly understand why I get stressed and this I believe is a very great insight for myself.  What I also realise is that I unsettle things for myself by desiring growth.  So on the one hand having things settled really helps me but on the other hand I am very future orientated and struggle to be present because I want to grow.
It doesn’t make things easier however because even though I know this is what causes the stress how do I now go about improving my situation.  Certain things simply are outside of my control and will be settled when they are settled.
The most important thing that I do have control over is my response, not reaction, response.  Reaction is impulsive and response is decided.  I choose my response.  I therefore need to become aware of the things that are unsettling me, take a breath to experience the emotions and then decide the most appropriate response to the situation.  The bottom line however is that if I don’t have a greater dream and purpose that propels me forward it becomes a futile exercise and very tiring.  So using a personality analysis tool to understand how I react has become very useful in order for me to recognise the emotions and fear I am going through in order to decide how I would like to respond.
Phew!  All this growing is hard work.
So if you are not serious about stepping out and going from survive to alive don’t try this at home.