Connectedness (part 2)

Connectedness – a philosophy, approach, technique and movement (for lack of better description at present).  Not individualistic only, but connected between us.  By seeking us I find me.  The level of truth found in the mess of relationships and the beauty of failing quickly and learning deeply.

Connectedness is the way that the 21st century is shaping.  In the 20th century the work moved from the farm to the factory; the factory to the office and in the 21st century the work is moving online (or into the cloud).  It used to be the unseen hand of the market and deregulation in order to set the human spirit free – there were a few mistakes…

It is however no reason to completely remove the old system (yes, the C word – capitalism).  It is also no real good reason to kill all creativity with regulation.  So what kind of  ‘ism’ remains for us to utilise in order to shape the way we live, interact, produce and create in the present age?  Is there a third alternative?

In order to answer this you must ask yourself what do you believe in?  For years I have been exploring different aspects of living a life, and I mean LIVING!  Not adrenaline, today is the last day on earth anything goes craziness – no!  Real living means you are true to yourself and those around you, you seek your North Star and you align your heart and mind to it.  From this center you act boldly, and with love in all that you do, you seek out every opportunity to grow and honour the purpose of your life.  In so doing you also help others on their journey – LIFE!

Connectedness is an approach to life that unites, in paradox, agency and complexity.  In order to fully utilise my ability to reflect and grow it can only truly happen in interdependence with others with the same agential capability.  The presence of others and the constant changing context within growth means that together we are more than merely the sum of our relationships – something emerges from amongst us which amplifies individual agency and potential.

Most importantly it is openness, fearlessness and divergent whilst being convergent simultaneously.

This is also the way that I am connecting with people and want to do more of.    I am not trying to invent something that doesn’t exist or even trying to come up with cool names (although that is fun too).  Look outside your door, and you will see walls coming down.  I know in some places walls are going up, I am not ignorant.  The reality is however that you can decide whether you want to be part of the progression towards less wall or more – you’re call!

Personally, I want to see the walls come down where it is appropriate for them to come down.  I have a personal interest in business because it is the greatest tool to influence our society in order to become better together.

What will follow in the weeks, months and years in this blog is a call for action and connection – will you join me on this journey from survive to alive?